Different notations used for compound words

Programmers usually have a problem when they have to use more than one word to describe something, but they are not allowed to use spaces or punctuation signs. An example of this would be to name files. If someone wants, for instance, to name a picture where 2 people are talking, he would like to write John and Mike talking.jpg, but since a filename cannot contain spaces, he may write something like john-and-mike-talking.jpg

To do this, there are many popular conventions, even though they are not standarized. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Camel case

This system consists in writing compound words or phrases such that each word in the middle of the phrase begins with a capital letter.



Pascal case

This is a variation from camel case notation. The only difference is that the first letter of the first word is also capitalized. Also called upper camel case.



Snake case

In this notation each word will be joined together with a unique underscore.



Kebab case

This case is similar to snake case, but instead of using an underscore, an hyphen is used to join words together.



Screaming case

This is just a fun way to describe variables in uppercase. This is usually used for constants.

const MAX_ITEMS = 12

Let me know if I have missed something!

Aug 1, 2018