Technologies I use


Of course, the most important of basics. Always evolving, with new features to make it a more interesting experience.


The second of the 3 base technologies from the internet. Far have we gone since the times of I6 trying to make our layouts fit together with tables, for the sake of the internet.


The real ruler of the web these days. Not happy enough to have reigned as the only programming language for the client, it has taken over the server side and it does not plan to let it go. All hail JS!

Ruby on Rails

Maybe my favorite MVC framework for any project that needs backend logic and server-side rendering. The conventions are very well thought and Ruby as programming language makes the code as easy to read as plain English


While many other frameworks have appeared to create front-end applications, like Angular or Vue, it seems that none has achieved the level of popularity that React enjoys today. A must-know skill, if working in the frontend.


While PHP remains an old language of the web, with great inconsistencies and, in my opinion, hars to work with, Wordpress seems to remain as the indisputed King of CMS frameworks. The ecosystem is great with plugins and addons that make the development experience much easier.


Many tools help to make the work much maintanable and enjoyable. Among them, my most common are Git, BitBucket, GitHub and Visual Studio Code.

Agile Development

Lots of techniques have been developed to make the work in big projects with multiple developers more efficient, and avoid that we step on each other's feet. Scrum, stand-ups, retrospectives... Very useful, if used properly!