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My name is Enrique Moreno Tent.

I am web developer, but also branching out to other areas like game development. Into everything that is interesting and challenging.

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Scientific notation literal in Javascript


Did you know that there is such a thing as "scientific notation literals" in Javascript? I sure didn't! I learned today that one can do this. Cool, right?!

Different ways to use the "console" command


If you have ever open the developer tools and used the console, most likely you have used many times the following snippet to debug your JS code.

NARG development – Using ScriptableObjects for weapons and armors


I have started a new project in an area that is out of my comfort zone, but exciting. I am developing my first video-game! It started as a PS Vita game, but it is possible that it will be released in more platforms later on.

Using LINQ to manage Lists and Arrays in C#


In development, we often need to look through arrays, lists and such, to perform some kind of operations. For instance, let us say that we want to loop through an array to check in any of the items matches a certain criteria.

Manage Sublime Text themes easily with Colorsublime


Changing themes in Sublime Text can be a difficult task. Not because it is extremely critical for your productivity, but we all want our editor to look nice and pretty. It is like waking up in the morning and spending 30 minutes in front of the mirror, trying to decide what trousers to wear, so that our ass do not look too fat.

How to replace “live” with “on” in jQuery 1.7+


The functions “bind” and “live” are being deprecated in jQuery 1.7+ in favor of “on”, but it’s not very clear how their differences reflect on it. As you might know, “bind” attaches event handlers on DOM elements existing at the time of running the instructions, while “live” also attaches these handlers to DOM elements added in the future. So how does it work with “on”?