NOTAN development – Using ScriptableObjects for weapons and armors

I have started a new project in an area that is out of my comfort zone, but exciting. I am developing my first video-game! It started as a PS Vita game, but it is possible that it will be released in more platforms later on. This is being an enriching experience for me, so I […]

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Using LINQ to manage Lists and Arrays in C#

Looping through array, lists and such types of structures is a common practice in development. It requires the well-known loop code I am sure most of you have written this loop about 1 million times. I recently discovered there is a simpler way to do this: Much more pleasant to the eye, right? But this […]

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“DOMContentLoaded” vs “load” – What are the differences?

I was looking at the network tab inside Chrome developer tools, and I found this image before me, inside the “Network” tab: If we look at the timeline, we see 2 lines. One is blue and the other one is red. Looking at the footer from that same panel, we see the blue one is […]

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Add SSL/TLS to Apache with “Let’s Encrypt”

Everyone would love to see that lovely green lock next to your website’s URL and that glorious “https” mark, which makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, right? No problem. Thank’s to “Let’s Encrypt” you can now make it happen fast and free. Let’s build together a better internet. This tutorial is to set […]

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Manage Sublime Text themes easily with Colorsublime

Changing themes in Sublime Text can be a difficult task. Not because it is extremely critical for your productivity, but we all want our editor to look nice and pretty. It is like waking up in the morning and spending 30 minutes in front of the mirror, trying to decide what trousers to wear, so […]

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