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A hub where german families can learn how to teach their children to navigate and surf the internet while staying safe.

Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP


A web app to create small polls and share them across with your friends and loved ones.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, React


An indie videogame company with many fun games for a wide range of devices. Keep alert of their new release!

Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP


A big business in Germany for buy and replacement of tires and rims for vehicles. Posses a great onboarding experience for new users.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails

European capital of tourism

This EU driven project helps you discover the most important capital to travel around Europe and offers citiesthe chance to join that list.

Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP

Conversa Dialogue System

This product was developed for the Unity game development framework. It is a useful tool to design conversations in a flexible manner to help the developer manage the flow of the dialogue without losing sight of the story.

Technologies used: C#

WordPress Hooks

Custom hooks for React applications to communicate with WordPress APIs. This library allows developers to easily integrate their React applications with WordPress by providing a set of custom hooks.

Technologies used: React, WordPress APIs, axios, react-query