Checking your connectivity from the terminal

September 3, 2014  |  No Comments

While I was logged though SSH to a virtual machine, I realized that my internet connection was quite slow, and I was wondering if there is a way to check the state of my connectivity. Of course, I have been doing for a long time this command to check if I was actually connected to […]

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Making apache server index.php before index.html

July 7, 2014  |  No Comments

Lately when i have been installing a LAMP server for local development in systems like Ubuntu or Mint, I have noticed that if the server founds an index.html and an index.php files, it serves the .html file before. If you would like to correct this behavior, all you have to do is edit the Apache […]

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Using Flexbox with Polymer

July 1, 2014  |  No Comments

Using Flexbox is not always easy, as I usually have to review the syntax everytime I want to use it. I have a hard time remembering how to make it work. But the guys at Google have developed their Polymer solution, a small layer on top of Web Components, and they have included certain attributes […]

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Making PHP mail work, as easy as possible

June 22, 2014  |  No Comments

It is not uncommon to be programming on PHP and figuring out that when we try to send an email (maybe through the email function) it is not actually sending anything. Figuring out how to solve this problem can be quite frustrating. I know I have been dealing with it for a long time. But […]

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Autorun your Linux Containers in Ubuntu 14.04

June 16, 2014  |  1 Comment

To¬†automatically run your linux containers, in Ubuntu 14.04 it is really simple. You just have to edit the configuration file for each container. For instance, if we have a container called test, we should edit the file /var/lib/lxc/test/config and add this lines: = 1 lxc.start.delay = 5 The first line is a simple boolean […]

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