Project Zukunft

While working in a great advertising agency, I came to work with this project for the city of Berlin, where many interesting information about the city is still being posted. One of the many projects I built using TYPO3, a very popular CMS in Germany.


This is a small website built to create polls. It is main purpose was to get me get familiarized with the Laravel framework. The experience was quite enjoyable, and probably the most fun I ever had programming in PHP.


A new game developing company that has released already some very fun systems for systems like Playstation. They asked me to build them a system for them to manage the content. I used Wordpress for building their site. The company still goes strong, and creating great and fun games.


I had been tinkering around with Ruby on Rails for a long time, and I was dying to put something in production using this framework. Looking through my house I saw a good amount of books that I did not want anymore, and I thought what would be the best way to get rid of them. That is when I came to the idea of building a website that could be use for giving away books that were no longer wanted.

WE DO Communication

A great advertising agency that does great projects and has a great working environment. While working here, I rebuilt their own website using the same CMS technology that I used for most of the projects I did while living in Berlin. This is TYPO3.