Recover the Form and Html facades in Laravel 5

Apparently in Laravel 5 the facades for `Form` and `Html` have been removed, apparently to make the distribution more minimal and flexible, due to the rise of applications that use stuff like Angular, React and so on. Whether you like this decision or not (I do not), this is the actual status for Laravel 5, […]

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Pushing to several Git repositories simultaneously

I have my own private repositories on a special server where I store my projects. But for running tests on a Continuous Integration service, I use Bitbucket because it allows private repositories for my secret projects. Every time I want to update my repositories I had to do As you see I had to define […]

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Checking your connectivity from the terminal

While I was logged though SSH to a virtual machine, I realized that my internet connection was quite slow, and I was wondering if there is a way to check the state of my connectivity. Of course, I have been doing for a long time this command to check if I was actually connected to […]

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Making PHP mail work, as easy as possible

It is not uncommon to be programming on PHP and figuring out that when we try to send an email (maybe through the email function) it is not actually sending anything. Figuring out how to solve this problem can be quite frustrating. I know I have been dealing with it for a long time. But […]

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My name is Enrique Moreno Tent.

I am web developer, but also branching out to other areas like game development. Into everything that is interesting and challenging.

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